I work with CEOs, CFOs and senior leaders and their teams as a sounding board, adviser and coach. Integrating my expertise as a psychologist and a psychotherapist and my experience leading and consulting, I love partnering with clients to identify and then release blocks, and create new possibilities that accelerate performance.
l am comfortable going deep to understand the underlying causes of behaviour, and can use this insight to find tangible, practical solutions. Clients have variously described me as incisive in cutting through the noise to the source of the issue or struggle, clear in identifying actionable paths forward, compassionate when holding them to account, and doing this with warmth, empathy and edge.
 For more than the last twenty years I have coached and consulted on leadership to some of the world’s most preeminent companies, private equity firms and government departments. I was formerly a Senior Director at YSC Consulting, a global leadership strategy consultancy, where I held various leadership roles and led some of YSC’s largest clients. Before then, I spent nearly ten years at Unilever in commercial roles.
When it comes to leadership, I believes amongst other things that it derives from, and is based on, the quality of relationships and conversations that are co-created in an organisational system. Consequently, as a coach and adviser I am particularly interested in helping people to find their authentic voice and purposeful approach to whatever they are seeking to achieve, without judgement or attachment to how they ‘should’ be.