Phil is awesome. This was a journey of discovery for me, and Phil allowed me to work out the puzzle for myself. With his support and friendship I was able to finally solve my workplace conundrum. Looking back, I can only now fully appreciate his impact. Without Phil I suspect that this riddle would have remained unsolved. 
Phil has worked with me through this process and I have loved every minute. I feel like he’s ‘on my side’ but constantly pushing me to challenge myself. The conclusions we’ve reached have constantly surprised me but I feel our work is authentic to me, which is incredibly important. I’m immensely grateful for his insight and support through the process.

Phil’s background in both industry and coaching reinforces a special and valuable skill: not only does he ask the right questions for you to work out the answer, but he is also able to offer some down-right excellent pragmatic advice. Using a combination of both approaches he has helped me and my business enormously. 
Phil helped me during a very difficult period both personally and professionally. He let me open up and talk through what was happening, work out why, and gave me insight and tools to help me cope better going forward and manage situations more effectively. The difference that our time together has made is considerable. I can't thank Phil enough for his warmth, compassion, understanding, knowledge and empathy. Our time together was genuinely life changing for me.