Sometimes we can get stuck in a particular perspective or pattern of behaviour that gets in the way of living fully today. Together, in therapy we make sense of who you are and how you act today, and explore new ways of being.
This is a creative process in which we uncover together what is happening to you personally, how this is affecting you, and how you can deal with it differently.
I am not a passive passenger who only reflects back what you say. Instead, I am an active partner. My role is to support you on your journey. 
From the more than twenty years in my work as a therapist, I believe that sustained change comes from an open, trusting and supportive relationship in which genuine dialogue takes place. 
Typical issues I encounter and work with are:
  • Stress: Feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by work-life, or uncertainty about the future
  • Trauma: Recent or historical, large or small
  • Mid-life crisis: Lack or loss of meaning in life, low motivation for life
  • Depression: Low self-esteem, mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety
  • Addictive behaviour: alcohol or substance abuse, internet, gambling
  • Loss: Bereavement, redundancy, abandonment, illness
  • Eating disorders: Over or under eating
  • Relationships: Loneliness, relationship breakdowns, sexual concerns

The Process

We meet for an initial 'get to know each other' session. Based on this, each of us decides whether we would like to continue working together. 
During the next one to two sessions, we understand in more detail what has brought you to seek help, and get clear on what we will work on and how we will do it.
From here, we can agree to meet for a specific number of sessions or to leave the work open-ended. 
My practice is based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.